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Senior Embedded Software Engineer Requirements

As the senior embedded software engineer, you will participate in the design of software components based on provided functional specifications and customer/internal requirements. As well as implement software components based on high and low-level design descriptions. You will also provide rapid prototyping software design ideas and methodologies.

  • Write test software for hardware products and participate in testing and debugging of new hardware and software designs.
  • Understand the functional specifications of software components and participate in high and low-level design activities based on such specifications.
  • Study and understand existing software design and implementation. Modify, extend, and/or debug past implementations to support revised or novel products.
  • Develop software building blocks based on design specifications. This task may involve the development of a wide range of software components such as interpreted scripts, application programs, device drivers, unit tests, web pages, and graphical user interfaces.
  • Prototype multiple implementation techniques rapidly, analyze the prototypes, and propose the best technique that will meet the requirements of the current design.
  • Participate in the integration of software building blocks into a software product release.
  • Develop unit testing software to aid the testing and debugging of hardware and software products.


  • B.S. or equivalent in Computer Science/Engineering or related field.
  • Three plus years of experience in software design and development.
  • Proficiency in standard C, understanding of assembly programming, and expertise in one or more scripting languages such as #Perl, #Python, #PHP, #Ruby, etc.
  • Understanding of computer architecture, embedded programming techniques, command-line compilation tools, build systems based on Makefiles, and development/debugging using popular debuggers such as gdb.

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